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Macks Craic.


I am a fertility god! Since I started at the BBC, three of the women that work on the show are pregnant! I have this effect on women. When they work with me, they become super-fertile. The only two left now are Kate Mundy the producer and Bimel the cleaner. It’s only a matter time, […]

Macks Craic.


I got a tweet from Jason Manford asking me to send him a picture of me in a black lacy bra! Do you listen to my show on an FM radio? You might have to change your ways. There’s a plan to turn off all FM radio transmissions in the UK in just over four […]

Mack’s Craic.


Who were you remembering on Remembrance Sunday? That was our theme this year on the BBC. As part of our Remembrance Day broadcast we each had to share on the radio a personal memory of someone we were thinking about. I narrowed it down to three. There was my Grandad Mack. I was very young […]


Let me give you the red pill that will bring you the truth and break you out of the matrix of life. Let’s talk about happiness, I’ve worked out the secret, it’s being grateful. Think about it, can you really be happy if you’re not grateful? Hi if you’re one of the people I met […]