Mack’s Craic.


Truman or True Mack?

First of all thank you for listening to my show on BBC Wiltshire. The latest ratings have gone up again, I’m so glad you like what I have to say between 6:30 and 9 every morning on 103.6FM. Don’t forget you can hear weekly “Mack Nuggets” at .

I got freaked out the other day. We have a telly on in the newsroom at work with the sound turned down. I was sat at my desk and heard a helicopter outside. I looked up at the TV and they were showing a helicopter flying. I thought my life was being televised, you know like The Truman Show. If it is, it would explain why whenever I go to use a cash point machine suddenly at least three people appear from nowhere and get to it before me, why seconds before I drive up to an empty junction it’s full of traffic and when I’m out shopping, I’ll see a total stranger a second time, in a different shop. 

Talking of TV, how much plastic surgery has Louis Walsh had? Or is he aging backwards? It’s like he loses ten years every week. Soon he’ll be young enough to be in his own boy band.  The Curious Case of Benjamin Boyzone!

As well as listening to BBC Wiltshire, I’ve been listening to a bit of Radio 4. It’s strange, it makes me feel very intelligent and at the same time, very stupid.

Craic on!

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