Mack’s Craic


Pull my finger!

Lots of cuts were announced this week. No actual job losses but a lot on paper. And isn’t it paper cuts that hurt the most?

What did we do after we heard half a million people would lose their jobs? We sat in front of the telly and watched a show that makes fun of people getting fired! Once again I made the mistake of watching The Apprentice in HD. Either Karen Brady’s legs had just got caught in a hailstorm or next weeks challenge should be for the candidates to come up with a cure for cellulite.

The strategic defence review has been announced. I don’t think David Cameron should upset the armed forces, they’ve got guns! Mind you he is gradually disarming them. Soon Britain will have one aircraft carrier without any jets and another one on EBay.

The navy’s had a terrible time, how’s that Submarine that ran aground? “I said dive damn it! Why aren’t we going down?” It was a training exercise. I hope we’ve got enough money for a bit more training.

The Home Secretary says our biggest threat is from cyber attacks. That’s not good; I’ve seen what an army of cyber men can do. But The Doctor always seems to be able to fight them off with only a sonic screwdriver, a young assistant and a 1950s police phone box. Maybe that’s what we should buy with what’s left of the defence budget.

I’ll catch you on BBC Wiltshire 103.6FM every week day morning, wide tailed and bushy eyed!

Another Craic will appear next week!

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