Thank you to everyone who came out to help fix up the vandalized skate park at Walcot. I assembled a team which included the Mayor, local MP, Chief of Police and the editor of our local paper. We called ourselves “The Mack Pack”. The real stars on the day were the kids. We got everybody painting and by the time the job was done, one of the kids said, “Well that was better than computer games!”

I hope you like the way the show on BBC Wiltshire is sounding. It’s a lot leaner since it was fitted with a gastric band.  Here’s how the show works; I talk to interesting people and you listen in. It’s like you’ve hacked my phone! Actually I wish this phone hacking story would go away. Whenever I hear the phrase “phone hacking” it reminds me of the time I was on the phone to someone with a really bad cough.

My favorite moment at work this week was when I asked our reporter Harry Kretchmer if he’d had a good birthday weekend. He replied, “I may have over done it a bit, I fell asleep in front of Last Night of The Proms”. With that, Kirsty our head of news shouted, “Oh to be young again!”

Our Quiz team came very close to a spectacular victory. We were invited to the Swindon Cares Quiz at the De Vere hotel. We were beaten by one point by a team of bald blokes. They don’t call them egg heads for nothing! The re-match will be held next year at “The Village” which is what the De Vere hotel is going to be renamed. The De Vere people were really nice to us and I bet they’ll be just as nice next year when they’re “The Village People”!

If you have a spot, put some cream on it and it goes away, are you guilty of spot fixing?

So “The Mack Pack” has fixed the skate park and we’re ready for our next challenge, any ideas?

Craic on!

Check out the Mack Nuggets at www.mackmedia.co.uk .



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