Mack’s Craic.


Pen of the Week

It’s over a week since we’ve seen our car. It broke down on the M6 last Saturday night. The dealer says he’s waiting for a part. That part is an ENGINE! They found oil in the coolant and when that happens, it’s all over.

Princess Anne has turned sixty. You’ve got to hand it to her for sticking with the same haircut. Styles came and went, the beehive, the bob, the pageboy, but she stood firm. She must have thought that eventually her style would be the next big thing, especially as celebrity styles like the Farrah, the Purdy and the Jennifer Aniston broke through. Sadly it seems that the world still isn’t ready for the Princess Anne “wall of hair”.

Since downloads became the most popular way to buy music, it’s getting harder to find CDs in shops. I couldn’t find Paul McCartney’s, “Wings at the Speed of Sound” anywhere, so weeks ago I ordered it online. I got an email this week saying my order has been canceled because it’s no longer available. Julie called everywhere to find a copy. Well it turned out, HMV right here in Swindon had one all along! Now I’ve got it, I only need one more CD and I’ll have everything Lennon and McCartney put out in the 70s. I just need Wings “London Town”, wish me luck.

I read that one of the actors who played the Doctor in Dr Who used to drink a lot. I can understand that, drinking is the perfect preparation for the part. When I used to drink, sometimes I become a Time Lord. I’d often stumble into a phone box and then wake up and find I’d been transported to the future!

I got a lovely surprise on the radio. I’d lost my favorite pen, a Fisher Space Pen. Well Ian Hooker from North Wiltshire Wood Turners presented me with a special hand made pen made from Purple Heart wood. It’s this week’s “Pen of the week” on BBC Wiltshire. I have to admit when I found out some local wood turners had made me a pen I thought it would look like a chair leg, but it doesn’t, it looks very classy!

Good news about the car. We won’t have to pay for it to be fixed because it’s still under warranty. One of the reasons we bought a Hyundai was because of the five year warranty. All the same, without it, we’re high-an-dry!

Worth a Craic!

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