Mack’s Craic.


I’ve been out a lot lately. Notice I didn’t say “out and about”? I wish I knew why radio people are always “out AND about” never just “out”. It must be for the same reason that they call awards “gongs”, songs “tracks” and headphones “cans”. That reminds me, I saw a bloke wearing full size headphones outside The County ground. He didn’t even take them off when he was ordering from the food wagon.  There’s no need to wear full size studio headphones outside, that’s why they invented those little ear bud things. The irony was he’d plugged these massive headphones into an ipod shuffle!

I missed out on opening the fete at Swindon’s Saltway Center by about ten minutes. I got stuck in traffic so they started without me. I did get there in time to announce the winners of the fancy dress competition though. I’m not sure why but the blokes that run the sound systems at these events are all very similar. They hand me the mike then roll themselves a cigarette while mumbling about feedback, watts and some local DJ I’ve never heard of that they say they used to “do a lot of work with”.     

I’ve lost my pen; it’s a Fisher  Space Pen. It can write in a weightless environment. They’re used by astronauts. Next time I get a flash of inspiration in a car as it goes over a humped back bridge I’ll just have to hope I can remember it.

 I know why they didn’t wait for me to open that fete. It was a fete accompli!

 Fall into another Craic next week!


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